naya Veda Vastu eco art Village Ubud Bali

Opening  2018




 Plenty of different fruit trees and bushes are already planted, so that we will have enough fruits in 2 years time, when we start operating our retreat.




Renovated building for the 2 jungle apartments.
Electro Scooter and Golf car Parking area

not finished yet.
Animal excretion inlet for our bio gas system, finished.



Bio gas digester finished.
Methan gas filtration not done yet.
These system will provide gas for each villa for hot water production and cooking.



Earth quake save rain water tank under each villa. Offerings for each building. Good begun is half done.

Every sleeping room will be surrounded on top, by these from us produced bricks.
The hot air get’s compressed when it’s enters through the big hole. The release at the small hole inside the room will decompress the air and creates fresh cold air.


contact and requests: Founder Ludwig Lehner